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Art School student who believes that everyone should take a break from homework and watch hockey. Or just watch hockey. All the time.


"We have a good relationship where we can kinda joke around with each other and make fun of each other where neither of us gets mad."

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the smaller your underwear the faster you can skate" - alex ovechkin probably

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Boys smiling flirtatiously at Patrick Sharp











And then, Sharpy smiling flirtatiously back:





Because, I mean, how could you NOT flirt with this:


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7/19/14: “Do you guys ever do sleepovers when you guys go to hotels?”

hawkeytime I don’t know if you still need updates but sleepovers! and the whole crowd “aww”ed as well

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"We don’t change, we don’t get better at this."

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Jonathan Toews is surprised, then pleased, to encounter his bicep
Jonathan Toews is surprised, then pleased, to encounter his bicep

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7/19/14: Andrew Shaw gropes by proxy

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This picture of Tyler Seguin will always be perfect:imageThe fact that he shared his moms feelings about it will always be better:image

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the C.A.B.O countdown of the 25 hottest NHL players
↳ #22/25 - Joffrey Lupul // Toronto Maple Leafs

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9/25/13: Tyler Seguin teaches us why acupuncture is awesome (X)

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In case anyone missed it….dance off from the 2014 Convention

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7/19/14: “What was your feeling that seminal moment (when you picked up the Conn Smythe trophy) - what was racing through your head?”

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